Double Exposure

caribaThis variant of the game of blackjack is distinguished by the fact that the cards are in play with the face value visible to all players. Obviously, this gives the player an advantage beyond, and to counter this advantage, rules were created to offset this advantage.

In this game, in case of ties the Dealer wins. Similarly, and there is a payout of 3:2 for a natural blackjack. In this case, the dealer pays only 1:1.

This is a slightly different game with different strategies to the classic blackjack game, how it is not recommended to play for money before knowing the game well. In this sense, this game is available to play on our site. Have fun!

Double Exposure Free Game

New in Blackjack?

doublex2You should read the following section below:

The casino game Blackjack, also known as 21 (the name comes Vingt-et-Un France) is a card game truly captivating and exciting – where the way betting is a key part beings winner at blackjack. It is incredibly popular in the United States, but the blackjack is already practically established worldwide. Part of his fame comes naturally charm that during the game of blackjack players can choose several different decisions – decisions that they have real and direct impact and dictate at the end of the session you will be a winner or loser.

Blackjack – The SCOPE

The aim of blackjack, typically with one or more 52-card deck (can be a solo player against the dealer, or multiplayer against the dealer – also known as casino croupier or banking), consists in taking correct decisions so the total the cards in your hand is the closest – and never higher than immediately lose at blackjack (Bust) – face value 21 to the sum of the dealer’s cards. To reach this sum, there is a value system in blackjack: An Ace counts as 1 or 11 – the player chooses how to find the most convenient according to your set of cards. Face cards such as King, Queen and Jack are worth 10. The remaining cards are counted in accordance with their numerical value – eg 8 corresponds to the crown 8. For more information consult the rules of blackjack


The perfect hand in this game is known as BLACKJACK or (TWENTY-ONE) and consists of an Ace and any card with a value of ten (cards with a picture) – beating any other hand three or more cards totaling 21. It is also the only set of cards that pays 3 to 2, the value of your bet – the other wins pay 1 to 1.

In the game of blackjack to start by escolhers (s) connector (s) with a certain color that identifies a certain amount of money and you put in the respective betting area (an area defined by a circle in front of you at the blackjack table). The dealer gives two cards to the dealer, and you as a player gets another two cards of the dealer. According to the rules of blackjack, your letters are placed on the table uncovered (its value is visible), and only the dealer’s first card is recognized (there are variants in which the game of blackjack both the dealer’s cards are discoveries or are covered – but are less popular variants and rarer).

Blackjack rules – value of cards

At this time, and according to rules blackjack, the player evaluates his set of cards and the dealer’s visible card in order to get mentally calculate what the potential to add 21 or 21 in the closest relation to the dealer – according the sum of your cards and the dealer’s visible. For this you have to instinctively know the blackjack rules: Ace = 1 or 11 value – how is best to add 21 or nearest according to another letter King, Queen and Jack = value 10 Remaining letters correspond to the value of your Face number – example: 2 sticks equals value2. The color or the suit of the cards in blackjack is irrelevant. The set ace with a letter value 10 corresponds to the group known as BLACKJACK – and the move is paying more – pays 3 to 2, the value of your initial stake – other plays victorious paid equal to the value of your bet.

Blackjack rules – kind of bets

That said, at this time, and according to the rules of blackjack, you have various betting options which you can use in accordance with what is best for your hand:

Ask – The Dealer gives you one or more cards in your attempt to draw closer the sum of 21;


Unfold (Separate) – If you have two identical cards (pair) can split your cards into two separate hands (you have to double your initial bet)


Angling – the stake and so is you added one more card and your hand is completed.


Tor – Of course if you already have BLACKJACK (or TWENTY-ONE), or a sum of letters already very high as 20 or 19 may make sense not to risk it and keep your sum



Insurance – If the dealer’s visible card is an Ace, you have the option to do a “safe” 0.5 by adding the value of your initial bet. Insurance works if the dealer can do BLACKJACK (ace and a ten-value card) – in this case won 2x of your insurance bet. If the dealer does not BLACKJACK then you lose your Insurance bet and bet you play the rest independently. Typically, this bet is only advisable for excellent counters letter.


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