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For most people gambling is a fun and exciting recreational activity. For others, it may become a problem with devastating consequences. We want you to have the best gambling gaming experience. Therefore, we can only support responsible gambling and want you to control your game and do not let the game control you.

resnsibleWhat is Responsible Gambling?

“Responsible Gambling” is a broad concept and involves conducting gambling in a way that the potential harm associated with gambling is minimized. Respects the responsibility of individuals in making their own actions, but also recognizes the responsibility on the part of service providers in order to avoid harmful behaviors of the game. The Responsible Gambling takes into account the context in which the game takes place, the incentives made to play the way the game works service, and integrity of the game operator. The goal is to let people make informed decisions about their participation in gambling and if damage has occurred, provide access to support services game.

What is problem gambling?


The Problem Gambling exists when there is a lack of control over the game, especially the scope and frequency, level of bets and the amount of leisure time devoted to gambling. A negative consequence of game problem may include:

  • The player suffers excessive financial losses to their economic
  • Personal adverse effects on the player, family and friends
  • Adverse effects on employers and job performance.
  • Other costs that are borne by the community


We encourage customers to play responsibly and offers the following advice to stay in control:


  • Play for fun, not to make money
  • Set yourself a limit and do not exceed it
  • Do not chase losses. Gamble responsibly
  • Think of the people who need your support
  • Keep track and play responsibly
  • Never borrow to play – make sure that the money spent on the game is its


For those who think you may have a problem with the game, you can answer questions prepared by Gamblers Anonymous. If you answer yes to seven or more of these questions, you may be a player with a problem and should seek additional help.



Where to Get Help

We encourage those who feel that they have a problem contacting the following support groups who understand and deal with these situations regularly:

– Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of people who came together to do something about their own gambling addictions and help other men and women manage to overcome the same adversity.

Keep control of your Problem Gambling


We encourage visitors to take responsibility for their wagering activities. Customers online casino can choose to set the limits pre-commit or auto-suspend their accounts for a period of time. Customers can also self-exclude themselves from the game.


Prevent Minors Bet

The online gambling services are designed to attract and be used only by adults. If children have access to the computer / phone / smart tablet you use to access recommended that you download and install one of the popular child protection, such as Net Nanny or Cyber ​​Patrol. This software will prevent online gambling sites are accessed by children, and prevent them from viewing other content on the Internet that you may consider inappropriate.


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