privacyWe only collect personal information, including e-mail, only if given voluntarily when you fill out forms that may appear on the site as in the contact page. All personal information relating to members, subscribers, customers or visitors will be treated in according to the Law.

The personal information collected may include your name, email, phone number and / or phone, address, date of birth and / or similar type of data.


Use of Information Provided


We may use the information you provide us to send updates about the website, newsletters, or other material that you may have explicit requested or opted to receive,. We may also notify you when a offer or service will be changed, be down for maintenance, or stopped, or write to you to clarify the accuracy or validity of certain information provided.

We will never send you a message requesting financial information. If you receive such a request please do not respond to the message and do not click on links that can be included in the message. Delete the message immediately.


Cookies and Web Beacons

adfWe use cookies to store information, such as your personal preferences when you visit our website. This may include a simple popup or a link to some of our features.

asdasdWe also use third party advertisements on our website to support costs, and we use technology such as cookies and / or web beacons when they advertise on our site. This is generally used for geotargeting purposes or show certain targeting  ads. You can turn off cookies in your browser settings, or by managing preferences in programs Anti-Virus such as Norton Internet Security.

Links to Third Party Sites

Our site has links to other sites, which, in our view, may contain information useful tools for our visitors. Our privacy policy does not apply to third-party sites, so if you visit one of these websites from our site you should read the privacy policy of those companies. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content present in these same

Exchanging Information with Other Companies

We do not sell or donate any information you provide without your express permission, unless the site is acquired by another company or individual, including all the information you voluntarily have provided . However, in the case of such transfer or sale of rights, the buyer is obliged to agree in advance to provide you with notice of acquisition and “opt out” of information.


Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read our privacy policy.