slots2Slots are the most popular game in online casinos.  Why? Well, they are fun and interactive, graphically most spectacular, therefore it becomes a real pleasure to play, especially slots with bonuses and free spins. A slot player typically has little interest in table games, because they miss the excitement and visual attractiveness of their favourite games.


slots4They are a game of chance where you can really get millionaire in one session. In this sense, online is better, since jackpots often start by exceeding the  two million value.

But the choice is really overwhelming, and we are happy to help you understand the basics, and find the best place to play.

Best Casino To Play Slots?

slots3There are hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos competitors. Finding the right place for your gaming is not an easy task and often downright intimidating. We can help you to identify the best sites,  fairest & safest with an truly effective customer support.

Who has the largest selection of games and  is more user friendly casino? How easy  or difficult is to deposit? These are the questions that must be answered before you begin your journey into the exciting world of online casino gambling. If you’ve played before, there are other considerations as well. Here we answer all those questions.

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How to Play

The slot is enabled for a new play through a lever or button that says typically play or bet – today the new machines in physical casino are touchscreen – and you can activate the on-screen play.

Naturally, as in any casino game, the main hope is to make money –   the goal is to achieve equal sequences combining symbols in a line from left to right – the symbols vary according to the theme, but the classics are fruits, numerals or letters, diamonds or hearts – though the most popular increasingly embody famous film characters or from history, like Cleopatra or from popular culture such as Elvis, and television series.

The percentage of theoretical return, validated by independent auditors indicate that online clearly offer superior odds whem compared to the casinos of Las Vegas –  already a lot of competition between casinos there!  It seems that most players in forums, blogs and various networks would agree with the auditors like TST  PriceWaterhouseCoopers or eCogra.

You can play one or more betting lines – and bet per line 1x or 2x – 10x line – which substantially increases the potential prize you can win – but also increases its cost.

Typically beyond the symbols associated with the theme of each machine, there are types of special symbols very popular:

Bonus symbol – a special symbol that typically arise when 3 or more simultaneously on the screen activate a bonus game – where the premiums are clearly superior –  they are rarer to show up then other slot symbols.

The most popular bonus is the famous Free Spins – Free Spins – you are entitled to a number of free spins that accumulate prizes and sometimes multiplied in 2,3,4, or even 5x – always depends on the game!


Wild – is a symbol that acts like a joker in some card games – complements any symbol – except the bonus symbol – to create a winning sequence.

Graphically, these symbols vary with the theme. So the first advice I can give is to always look at the payout table before playing, know the  bonus sequences, if there are bonus games and how they work – as well as how much cost to play line – see if itis compatible with your budget.

To play online typically means that you access a much lower cost with a better theoretical return. Indeed, some slots can have truly incredible prizes – the progressive jackpot slots. These accumulate big prizes faster as a premium – instead of others where the premiums are always constant.

As more people play, the values get higher compared to land based casinos.  Remenber, there are online with progressive jackpot with multi-denomination coins, starting as lot as 1c – but the progressive jackpot Hitting the jackpot are exactly the same. So mayble it will pay you to read the rules carefully…