Online Slots – Is it Better?

Naturally, the first advantage, consists in the fact that the online casino offers a bonus to increase your gambling budget, machineusually in an amount equal to 100% to your first deposits.

If you’ve done a search through various websites of online casinos, you will notice that all give special emphasis to casino bonus or bonus slots. There are several types of bonuses, but the purpose for you must be the best one that will increase your gambling budget that suits you.  Casino Bonus Match

Provalvelmente all online casinos bonus  presented on this site falls



on to this categoy. It’s bonus that you receive by signing up for a real account casino and is activated by the first deposit.


In general, the casino adds an amount to your initial deposit up to a certain limit and on a percentage of the amount of your deposit, typically 100%. Some casinos offer other 50% , others go to 200%, but overall the most popular casinos is up to 100% or 50%, because most reputable casinos feel no need to raise as much as smaller casinos or newcasinos.


Most casino presents a welcome bonus that does not only focus on your first deposit but various deposits or months. This ensures a longer and lasting bonus since players do not just want a bonus on the first deposit bonus but one that can used over time according to their gambling budget.


Loyalty Bonuses and Offers

The loyalty bonus is another type of bonus that seeks to compensate the players who are already members of the casino. It is not uncommon for a player who has completed several months after the welcome bonus has already entitled to several prizes loyalty. The online casino seeks thereby compensate the player that enjoyed the welcome bonus from beginning to end. The refill or reload bonuses are also a common type that seeks to promote player loyalty. Others are promoted on a weekly basis and grow exponentially with special holidays.

VIP Bonuses

machine3The VIP bonus is used above all for high rollers, and are actually more rewarding in monetary terms.

Redeem Bonus

If you do not know what it means to redeem the bonus, basically consists that online casinos do not want you to be privileged by bonuses and then you jut remove your money. It would be simply disastrous for the casino.  Fortunately, these requirements are kept at reputed a very reasonable level. If you have to think of availing the bonus to play online slots then it should not be a big hurdle for you.


Advantages of Online Slots

The operation behind slot machine online is exactly equal to the system of a slot machine in physical casino. Both systems are managed by computerized algorithm known as RNG (Random Number Generator), which creates random combinations of symbols . However there is a greater diversity and variety of games online and the value of bets can be lower than in land based casinos.

Free Slot Games

Do you see machines in a land based casino before playing for real money? The online casinos offer the opportunity for you to play for free in all your casino games. You just have to create a free account at the casino. You can try out the games, to see those who really you like before even risking your money.


When you play slots in land based casino, everyone can see how you play what you earn, especially if you have to be lucky, then there is the typical “shadow” that corresponds to all players behind your chair to see how you play or waiting for you to finish your game. When playing online, how much you earn and how much  you play is only known to you and the casino.

Competition between Online Casinos and Slots

The competition between online casinos is fierce, since there is no monopoly of casinos on the web, all casinos have to fight each other and offer much more to the player for the honor of you becoming their player . So, it is customary casinos to offer generous bonus to captivate the player, to have a theoretical rate of return lower than the vast majority of land based casinos and being forced to constantly evolve in quality of the casino games.

Slots are available 24 hours every day.

The online casino always works for 24 hours, including customer support. No need to wait to play your favorite online slots games, you can play anytime you want as long as you want – no travel costs or consumption of expensive beverages.


The big casinos have millions of players playing in their slots, and many of them share the same slots that are interconnected  with progressive jackpots. So, the progressive jackpots of slots typically run into the millions. There have been players who have won more than 5 million… Of course, not all players will win the progressive jackpot, but if you want to play slots with the same probability of winning do you prefer to play slots where the main prize is a hundred thousand of euros or 2 million?


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