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caribaCaribbean Stud Poker is a casino game similar to five card stud poker.  It is

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played against the casino dealer represented by – the concept of bluff and its associated strategy to bluff does not make sense in this poker game. Many players think, for some reason, the Caribbean Stud Poker is an old variant of poker: Texas Hold’Em comes at the beginning of the twentieth century and the Caribbean comes at the end of the twentieth century – while there are documents that prove that poker stud Five cards were already played during the American Civil War.

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Rules of the Game

cariba2The beginning of the game begins by choose (s) record (s) with a certain (s) color (s) – which corresponds to a certain amount of money – and put it (s) in the initial bet, also referred to as “ante”. This area is clearly marked in the table Caribbean Poker – through a circle with the text “Initial Bet” or “Ante”.

Simultaneously, can make a side bet and the progressive jackpot play – identified by a slot above the betting field or certain casinos a circle with the text “jackpot”.

Typically, the cost associated to play the jackpot is € 1.


If you get the following flush (color – five cards of the same suit) or sequence of higher value, you win a certain percentage of the jackpot. You should always consult a paytable of Caribbean Stud table to know exactly what are the prizes, because depending on the platform of the online casino you play there may be different values ​​of prizes.

The discounted value of real-time jackpot always appears at the top of the Caribbean Stud Poker table-left or center.


After your decision to invest initially, while the dealer is “giving cards” for you five cards and five cards (4 face down and one face value with discovered) to the casino – represented in the game of Caribbean Stud Poker by Dealer.

Betting Options

Based on your hand, and according to the caribbean poker rules, you can opt for two actions: “Fold” or passing – if this decision opt to lose your original bet – if you’d also bet on the jackpot this file is you returned – and the play ends at this stage. “Call” or I will – opt to see if you have to insert twice the original bet their chips entering the circle labeled with the text “Bet” or “Call”. With the call option defined, the dealer then reveals his four letters together covered the fifth letter previously discovered – and there may be three possible outcomes: 1. If the Dealer’s hand is not a combination of Ace and King (or a combination higher), the casino loses automatically and delivers you your original bet plus bonus – equal amount of your original bet. 2. If the banker’s hand is higher than your hand, you lose your initial bet as well as the additional bet on the jackpot – if you did made this bet. 3. If the Dealer has at least an Ace and King or better then a comparison is made between hands. If you have an upper hand to the Dealer, the casino loses and deliver you your original bet plus an amount equal to the premium – as well as the award of additional bet on the jackpot – you have made himself right to the premium according to the paytable. As you can see, is a poker variant extremely simple to play, but not necessarily imply – that before you begin to play seriously – you have a good understanding of the sequences of poker and a clear knowledge of the payout table, especially on the prize Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud Poker.


Caribbean Stud Poker – The Origin

In fact, it is a fairly recent variant that quickly became extremely popular in the casinos of Las Vegas. It seems certain that the Caribbean had a role in the popularity of this variant that eventually emerge in force in the 90 United States.

Shortly after arriving in the casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, was added the concept of progressive jackpot – with a bet of $ 1 extra players have a chance to win a jackpot. Currently, Caribbean Stud is a favorite casino games online, especially because the higher payments guaranteed to find at online casinos, so the Caribbean has become predominantly played online.


Due to a greater number of players and games session – the progressive jackpots become super high very quickly – especially when compared with the current values ​​of the physical casinos.

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