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In addition to the poker,  blackjack is a casino table game where it has been proven that the house can be beaten for a considerable period of time.

The object of blackjack is to beat the dealer by making a hand that has a total of points higher than the dealer. However, the total points can not exceed 21.  The cards have the following values:


Value of Cards in Blackjack


Ace –  one or eleven,

(Whichever is more advantageous to the player).

2 to 9 –  have the exact value of the card

10, Jack, Queen and King  – Ten points.

Blackjack – Play Free


baca2After the bets are placed and the game begins with the dealer handing each player, as well as for himself, two letters, beginning to distribute the player to your left you will have the option to “hit” (receiving an additional card) or ” stand pat “(no additional cards). If a player who has one more additional card has more than 21 valuable points in your hand, it “exploded” and automatically lose this hand. The dealer collects the cards and money on your bet.

After acting in each player’s hand, the dealer will make its decision representing the casino over gamers, according to established procedures. If the dealer, ask for another card to your hand and it exceeds 21 points, every player is a hand that contains no more than 21 points is automatically a winner.

If the dealer does not “explode”, the points of the dealer’s hand will be compared to each player’s hand, the hand with the highest total of no more than 21 points is the winner. If the points of the dealer’s hand is equal to a player, it is a draw and the money the player’s bet is returned by the dealer.

Many beginners are afraid or suspicious of playing blackjack, because they suspect the fact the dealer to see the players’ hands.

The dealer has to act on his hand according to the rules. For example, if a player does not ask for more cards in a hand that totals 15 points, because the dealer’s exposed card is a 6, the dealer has to ask at least one letter trying to make up 16 and hit the player. The truth is that the exposure of the cards of all players is beneficial to all and any player who can count cards. And for any perception of letters that can be left in the deck.

Despite the house rules are different in some casinos, in most casinos, the dealer is required to make hit (receive an additional card) if:

• Your hand tem16 points or less.

• In a hand that has an Ace, and counted it as 11 points, and scored a total of 17 or less.


These rules apply regardless of the number of letters that are in the hand of the dealer. For example, if the first two cards of the dealer’s hand are one 9:01 3, and his third is a 4, the dealer must take another card because the three cards total 16 points (9 +3 +4).

Blackjack started to be originally played as a game played with only one deck of cards. Today, blackjack games are played with 4-6 decks. It’s a matter of efficiency and safety, it is more efficient because it speeds up the game, giving him another dynamic, because it avoids the constant shuffling of the cards.

It is also safer because it makes it much more difficult the act of counting cards. Turns out to be a benefit in favor of the casino, with the use of multiple decks is harder to make a “natural”, and how the casino pays a “natural” in a ratio of 3 to 2 regarding the bet, the fewer appear better for the casino. The explanation for this is simple probabilistic greatest difficulty, regardless of the number of decks used, the probability of teres an Ace in your first letter is 1 in 13, here the number of decks used has a great influence.

Being the first card an ace, to make up the 21 points you need a 10. Ie, you need a letter of 10 face value, with a jack, queen or a king of a. If a letter (the first Ace) is taken from a deck, that leaves 51 cards. If a letter is taken from a pack of two decks, there are 103 remaining cards. As there are a total of 16 cards worth ten points (10s, jacks, queens and kings) in each deck the probability of completing a “natural” is summarized below:


Probability of Completing a “Natural”

Number of Decks A: Probability

16/51 = 31.37%

Two: 32/103 = 31.07%

Three: 48/155 = 30.97%

Four: 64/207 = 30.92%


When the player acts in his hand, deciding whether to hit or stand pat, the player has the following additional options:

(A) The player may double his bet (double down). In general, when this option is given, the two card hand initial amount to a total of 10 or 11 points. If this option is activated by the player, the player receives one more additional card. If the first two cards are dealt face-up, the third will also be exposed. If the first two cards are dealt face down, they will be facing up and the third will also be hidden.

(B) The player can choose to make a duplication of your first two cards, and throw them into two separate hands, the two played with the same amount of the original bet. In most casinos, this option is available if the first two cards have the same value. However, in other casinos, is allowed to perform a deduplication when the first two cards have the same value in the game of blackjack. For example, in the last few casinos will be allowed to perform deduplication if you receive a Jack and a King, because both cards have a value of 10. But it would be a bad decision to perform a concrete example of this deduplication as a Jack and a King, are a hand of 20 points, ie, a strong hand. Why separate a strong hand and create two potential disasters? If you make a deduplication and an Ace appears not receive payment from 3 to 2 blackjack it is not a natural but a “21” normal and will be paid as such.

The cards that were dealt face down are dealt face up and the dealer put a letter next to the first of the two separate letters. The player will then decide if you decide to hit or stand pat. After completing this first hand, the dealer will place another card to complete the second leg, and this will be played as normal. If one of the additional cards with a new pair of original letters that were separated, the player will have the chance to make new deduplication and play a third hand for an additional bet of the same value. The exception is if the cards were target deduplication were aces. If the Aces were the cards that led to the duplication, the player receives one more additional card for each of them and can not make any more deduplication.

As there is a plethora of rules at the blackjack tables, depending on the casino and the table where you play, the recommendations I give are based on the assumption that these rules are applied:

. A natural pays 3 to 2.

• The dealer has to hit as hard has a 16, but must stand if you have a hard 17.

• The dealer must hit soft 17 but with a stand on soft 18.

• Players can double as your first two cards total 10 or 11.

• Only cards paired, may be the target of a deduplication


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