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liveLive Dealers brings the most tangible aspect of a land based casino, particularly the human Dealer, using the internet as a vehicle that serves the remote game between the player and the casino. There are two types of Live Dealer Games:

  1. The game is broadcast from a studio or casino where the physical environment (lighting, camera views, zoom, orientation etc.) and interface functionality (interaction, visual angle, etc.) are optimized for online play.


2. TV GAMES – the live broadcast on the Internet are transmitted from TV studios presenters channel cable TV – in which you can participate live via your PC with thousands of other players.

In front of the casino dealer there is a camera in real time. This information is directly transmitted to the PC through a player’s game interface.

The player interface also transmits the session roulette history and player’s bet information and correct winnings of the player. The interface is slightly different from platform to platform, but all have a screen where the video is displayed in real time in the center, surrounded by all the information of your bets and game information.

You’ll also have access to the rules of the house and the results through the interface connections. Many advantages are noted to play a Live Dealer Roulette at the expense of a 100%fully computerized:

  1. A dealer spins the ball and not software – the players can see the dealer in action, while turning the ball and plays in real time, which makes the game much more interactive and alleviates the fear that the software might play against just one specific player  – you…
  2. Option Chat – Roulette with Live Dealer promotes good social interaction fun, so the player gets the best of both worlds: the comfort of home and social life of a land based casino.
  3. There is no doubt that online casinos there is no random beauty in how the casinos choose their dealers, and there is no question that it is much better to play roulette online interacting with a beautiful dealer than simply looking at a computer.
  4. Excellent graphics and sound – graphics of live roulette are suprisingly crisp via the webcam system, and this is an extra layer of entertainment when you play.

All casinos do offer Live Dealer Blackjack,   Roulette and Baccarat. Other casinos may also offer Poker and Sic Bo.

Video Example of Live Roulette


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It’s Better a live casino?

Although it is difficult to answer without being subjective because certain players can enjoy playing with a human dealer or certain aspects of a certain platform, but alway you must first to consider as the reputation of the online casinos in a safe environment, fair play and customer support. In our section online casinos you’ll have more information on what we consider the best casinos online casinos – casinos include all Live Dealer games.

Platform Live Dealer



Playtech platform with European dealers are the latest generation of games with live dealer, with option to chat with the dealer and zooming the video. Games are played according to the rules of European roulette, and with the Pro version you have the possibility of making the famous French bets – bets on a given segment of roulette and neighborhood.

The video quality is excellent, high resolution without compromising speed transmission which is increasingly important to ensure a high playability. It also allows you to zoom and enlarge the video in real time.

The time between the rouds is about 30 seconds, which enables a quick game and at the same time provides sufficient time for the player to think about the next move.

The interface is simple and intuitive, and typically this platform is associated with very reputable licensed casinos – a fact that is always very important to consider.

You have the option of speaking with the Dealer version in live chat, via the interface to access to all your betting history. You also have access to the recent results, adding the term “hot” to the numbers that have come out more often and “cold” to the numbers that came out less often.




This platform that allows greater customization of the interface by the player. With several interesting options, such as changing the camera’s orientation also presents basic options like bet history and the latest results of roulette. A platform with high interactivity that lets you chat with the dealer and other players.

If a sense of aesthetic and interface is important to you, then evolution roulette gaming will not disappoint you. With an for detail in the development of the interface, great video quality, allowing the customization of your interface, it is unlikely that this platform will not suit the most demanding player.

Another unique feature of this platform is to customize the camera orientation – which makes the experience much more interactive. You also have the option of live chat where you can talk to the dealer and other players.

In the interface you have access to more information, as well as the section “Help” to access the rules of roulette, betting and associated premiums.

Not least, you also have access to your betting history and results of roulette.


Broadcast as a television channel, the interface this game can be clearly the most attractive options without eliminating important as the betting history and the latest results of roulette. However, does not have the option to chat with the Dealer, since it is distributed as a TV channel. It has the peculiarity of having many players playing simultaneously and can be played at any time of day.

These roulette games are presented as they would be TV presenters as it was designed to be broadcasted on any television channel and for this reason the number of players is incredibly high compared to other roulette games online, and are available at any time to play.

The layout and interface are good, with a more typical popular entertainment at the expense of a quieter environment but you can still keep a low profile at the casino. However, it is not possible to interact with the presenters.

The games follow the standard rules of European Roulette with their payments and probabilities.

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