Main Tips

rou7They are always helpful advice on how to make the most of your bets at the table. To know the main tips of roulette is undoubtedly important, almost as important as having a pre-defined strategy of how to use your gambling budget.

In this section we will list the pros and cons that must consider to have any chance of being successful at the roulette game and get tge best shot to play wisely.


Quick Tips on Roulette

Although roulette is a game of chance, we advise you to follow these rules in order to always leave the game in the best possible situation.

Remember Never
1. Usesbetting systems that will ensure that your bets don´t  amplify too much in value as you go along 1. Never play based on programs or systems “bullet proof”
2. Roulette is a game of luck and the result is truly random 2. Seek a computer roulette flaw
3. Sets a limit of roulette bets 3. Recover your rent in the game.
4. Prefer European Roulette variant. 4. Play double roulette zero
5. Start by betting with bets that pay 1:1
6. Practice for free before playing for real 5. Risk everything, because luck protects the bold one…
7. Have fun playing 6. Lose your temper.

rou9Make Money at Roulette? Red or Blue Pill?

In order to avoid irreparable situations regardless if you play in an online casino or in a physical casino room.

  1. Never buy systems, take for real the free ones or strategies that work only in certain casinos. What guarantees you that is true? Who would release this kind of information so valuable? In the real world, the recipe for Coca Cola is still protected, confidential. But in the world of online casinos, someone will reveal the possibility of earning almost everyday to all players who want to hear. If so, the casinos are required to protect themselves in the future and eliminate this failure that protects of “printing” money …


The disclosure of how to “print” money easy, make sense ?


One of the most important tips is to ignore the roulette strategies that promise you to make money, and especially those that are sold to players to play with real money at roulette.


There not one sure method to win at roulette, since the results are always random and the preceding result does not affect the next result.


Avoid systems with software too. If you play at an online casino, just forget all roulette systems to win.  In our site we do talk about some roulette system, just make you sure that, yes, we do know the system that you have discovered online (or very similar), and no, it does not work.  It will not increase the odds of guessing right the numbers more than just luck.


  1. Also, Do not waste time looking for the roulette wheel biased. Nowadays, due to modern technologies used and casino security systems, regular quality tests makes almost impossible to find a wheel with the lowest defect or wear. Online roulette using Random Number Generators are unbiased.


Choose European roulette. When a casino has a choice of two types of roulette, make sure you choose the European version to automatically reducce the casino advantage a little more. Due to the extra double-zero number, the American version provides an bigger advantage to the casino (5.3%) when compared to European roulette (2.7%). If you play online roulette, you can even try roulette zero, which has no casino advantage.


  1. Avoids make bets that are known as internal bets (just one number for example). Remember, whenever you place a bet on a single number pays 35 to number 1 but it is very unlikely to hit the number, and most of the times these bets are lost.


If you are a beginner starts with bets that pay 1:1 (bet on black for example).


  1. Always set a budget and manage your money. Divide the money in a way that allows you to play for a long time. With good results, you can keep at least part of your earnings.


6. Practice before you play with real money. If you follow one or two money management system,  it is also a good idea to test how it works in practice to decide whether it is effective. You can always train your skills as a player roulette on the Internet, since in all online casinos you can play for free.


7. The game of roulette is a game of chance, so it only makes sense to play as a means of entertainment. Relax, try not to get frustrated when you lose.

In any case, always use your common sense, remember always to look if most roulette tips that you find on the internetmake  good sense for you, before using those same tips.

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