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tipsBlackjack is a game of skill, requires a thorough knowledge of the rules in the table where you play, and thus you must be able to choose the right blackjack strategy.  Here a couple of important tips that will allow you to play in a more intelligent fashion.


Always plan your budget before playing. This will led you to  play responsibly, better controlling the gains or losses, and with time your emotions in the game.


Thus, you will leave the blackjack table confident that you did not make any mistakes that came out to be very expensive.

Do not play in any blackjack table before you learn blackjack strategy.  Since is it that a game based in probabilistic theory, it is guaranteed in the long term that your results will be much better than just based in luck or instinct.


After the knowledge of blackjack strategy, the next natural step is to find out how to count cards at blackjack.



Analyzes the blackjack table not only based on the rules of the table as well as their minimum allowed bet. Do not choose a table where the limit is extremely high for you. Thus, make suring that you will play much longer and not wasted your whole budget on some bets. The worst thing that happens is when the players just spend their gambling budgetin minutes.

When you win big save some money aside and remove it from the game. Secured in this way, regardless of what happens you will be left with some money gained from the casino and with a good story to tell.

For a long time, ignore the Insurance bet. This long-term bet only favors the casino and player’s budget decreases much  quickly. Only experienced card counters can use this bet in their favor.

Important Tip # 1 – Choose a good table

A deciding factor for you to have a chance of winning blackjack session, are the specific rules that the blackjack table is subject to. Always try to be aware of these features, especially on the following factors:

• Number of decks used. Ideally will have just one deck.  Not the average nowadays. Therefore, below six will be excellent. In online casinos you will find opportunity to play blackjack games with only one deck.

• Payment for Natural Blackjacks. A payment of 3 to 2 is the norm, do not accepted less. Sometimes casinos offer promotions and pay more, try to be informed and do not waste these opportunities. .

• The Dealer hirs cards with “hard 16”, and with “soft 17”. You can read more about it on our article about rules of blackjack, if not perceive what that means. In most casinos the dealer does hit on soft 17. It is more advantageous for you   if the dealer stops at soft17 .

• n some casinos, players are allowed to double after splitting a pair. This can be quite advantageous.

• Doubling is allowed on Soft Hands. It is beneficial to the player,  following the basic strategy for soft hands. But most tables only allows split hard hands (not aces).


Rule Hit Soft 17 – Good or Bad at Blackjack?


Most blackjack players forget to ask the dealer can hit one more card after the value 17. – The standard rule hit soft 17 – which is the norm. A growing number of casinos require the dealer to continue after the value 17 if developed with an Ace (known as light hand – soft).

Not only the majority of players do not know the difference, as some believe a soft 17 rule undermines the dealer because this will exceed the 21 most frequently.

Yes, the dealer can exceed the 21 more frequently but also have the opportunity to improve a weak value.

The reality is that the dealer will improve your hand more often and compensates marginally the times it loses. Not a good feeling when you have 20 and the dealer draws a card and asks 21 ….

Below are the odds of success for the dealer, with 6 decks, and Rule 17 standard soft.

                                18               19               20               21              +21
Soft Stops 1714:04 14.62% 18.85% 7.65% 29.60%
Hit Soft 1714:24 14.82% 06.19% 7.86% 30.00%


As you can see, with the rule of asking another card on soft 17 there are chance of the dealer getting value 18,19,20 and 21. Although it also increases the probability of exceeding the value 21, in general, turns out to compensate, because it adds 0.22% to the casino’s advantage over the player.


  Natural Black Jack – the probability of having onw?


1) 13/04 x 4/51 = 16/663

The probability of getting an ace as the first card is 4/52 (4 aces divided by 52 cards) which reduces to 1/13. The hipótses to get a ten value card as a second card are 16/51.

2) 13/01 x 16/51 = 16/663

The odds of two different orders in which you can get Black Jack is (16/663 + 16/663) which gives the total probability of having a blackjack – a game from a deck.

16/663 + 16/663 = 32/663 <= 4.827%

For a six-deck game, the same principles apply, but the number of cards in play changes. In six decks, there are 24 aces, 96 10-value cards and 312 cards in play.

1) ten value cards / cards x remaining aces / cards remaining

(16 x 6) / (6 x 52) x 24 / (52 x 6) – 1

96/312 x 24/311 = 288/12, 129

2) Aces / x cards remaining ten value cards / cards remaining

3/39 x 96 = 311 288/12, 129

The sum of the two probabilities is 4.749%, which means that you will have an average Black Jack in every 21 turns.


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