rolaHere, you will have access to online strategies , tips, review the online casinos, including  live dealers

systems, tips and free games.

This is a game that continues to fascinate gamers despite its simplicity. It is a game where players bet where the ball will eventually stop in one of the 37 numbers (in European ) or 38 (American) wheel. This difference creates small differences in terms of probabilities between the European and American, to hit the number that will come out.


Best Site to Play Online?

rola2You can play in land based casinos like online casinos on the WEB. In any case, the first step is always to understand the rules, do have the basic knowledge of  the main tips is also equally important. However, the most important thing to point out is to  always play responsibly .


rola3RULES – Before you start playing we recommend that you understand perfectly the rules  , as well as the differences between the European and the American and the implications that result in the casino’s advantage over the player. Please, try to fully understand the rules and types of bets that you can make as well as the prize associated to each bet.


STRATEGY – Understand rules and the type of bets is essential before you start playing. Not least, it is rola4essential to understand that what does it  mean  strategy as well as know  the main tips – of one of most popular games in a casino.  Bear im mind, that you will not find any system to win money because, in fact, none has proven to be infallible.


If you are looking just have fun without playing for real, then why not try our Free and no download version of European?  Based on the euro casino  you can even make special bets, on  segments , also known as betting neighborhood.

With a design and graphic quality with a “background” jazzy sound – it is an excellent way to pass your time and try your luck without having to risk even a cent of your money in a casino game.


Live – Casino With Dealer

roleta5There are different platforms to play live dealer but the platform that many reputable casinos choose for their casinos, tand the most popular among players & casinos are:


  1. Playtech european dealer with a video image of high quality;
  2. EVOLUTION stands out for its ability to customize the interface, as well as the orientation of the camera. With live chat option, and room bets with betting limits higher
  3. LIVE TV – broadcast as a television channel with presenters. With an interface layout more vibrant. But you can not interact with the presenter. A  type of game where a group of players that can play simultaneously is incredibly high, without affecting the video quality stream and results. Very popular nowadays.


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