ervpower2Video poker has a part of the equation that is composed by luck since the cards that are given to the player are chosen randomly by a system (Random Number Generator).

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However, although random sequences – they are still limited to the universe of sequences that typically corresponds to the number possible between 52-53 cards in the deck.

How you will discard or keep certain cards, introduces a level decision and a certain skill is necessary to improve your odds, and that opportunity, my friends, very few casino games allow.

Best Casino for Playing Video Poker?

vpower3Every player has a special interest in video poker strategies, searching the internet to obtain information about their favourite online game. But the main crucial issue information is to locate and play the game that safe and fairer online, or find the best casino bonuses and tournaments. Here, that information shared with you.


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Basics of Video Poker


Video Poker Rules

The video poker game begins when you place a bet of one or more credits and press the “Deal” button. At this time, the video poker machine gives you five original cards.

Under the rules of video poker, you have the opportunity to remove one or more cards with the buttons below the screen, and choose which cards you want to keep.After this step, you click again on the “Deal” again, showing the end result.


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Video Poker-Fold Option

vpower5If you’re lucky and you get out of a winning hand, most machines gives you the option of accepting the prize or Fold. If you choose to double, the dealer RNG gives you an extra game: On some machines you have to choose a suit or color and you can fold if you hit your prize objective.

If you do not get it right, then you lose your original prize. Other machines show one card face up and gives 4 cards to choose one. If you choose the card that is higher than the dealer you win the prize.

In both games, when you win you always have the option to receive prizes or carry on doubling. The winning sequences  are actually visible at the top of the screen of the machine, in the center or in the left. It is always important to see first what are the winning hands at the table.

Adjust the strategy with the Pay Table Machine

Although the basic principle of video poker (5 Draw Poker) is similar on all machines, it is quite common to exist in the same casino slight changes in the sequences as well as the winning prize amounts.

You will always have to adjust your strategy video poker hands accordingly. The most popular variants are Jacks or Better Poker Joker, Deuces Wild and Double (Double) Bonus.

All these variants have slight changes in the sequences winning and prize amounts. Not only these changes affect the theoretical return to player, but also you have to adapt your strategy accordingly to which variant you play. Thus, in addition to know how well you play it is also important to know very well the machine paytable and adjust how to play that specific machine.