Blackjack Rules


The objective in blackjack is to beat the dealer – with the value closest possible to the value 21 – through the sum of your hand. Many people believe that the purpose of blackjack is to have the value 21.

The aim is to beat the croupier. According to the rules of blackjack, if your hand total is 17 and the dealer has 16 – then you have won That is the objective.

Blackjack Rules

According to the rules of blackjack, the cards 2-10, inclusive, have their face value – ie 2 is worth the value 2.

The figures (kings, queens and jacks) hold the value 10. Aces have an initial value of 11 or 1 if the hand exceeds the score of 21. A hand with an Ace valued 11 has the name of  “soft hand” .

Below you can see an illustration with the values ​​of each card in blackjack:


In blackjack the highest is a ace with a card that has value 10 (kings, queen, jack and 10) – and is called BLACKJACK. Only the first two cards can make a natural BLACKJACK .

One of the dealer’s cards will have face value hidden. If dealer’s exposed card is an ace or a card with a value of ten, the dealer can check the card face down, to see if he has “natural” BLACKJACK  (a term referring to two letters from the initial hand which together make up the 21 points already and make blackjack).

If the dealer has blackjack then  beats all players except those that also have a blackjack in their starting hand,  logically we have  a draw.

If the dealer doest not have a  blackjack (21 points starting hand), he has to pay 3:2  the player’s bet  who has a natural blackjack, and focus their attention to the player on its left (which is commonly called as the first player in basis in the United States).


Type of Bets in Blackjack


After initial bets are dealt two cards to the player – and the dealer also receives two cards, but one card is facing down. The player examines his hand, and has several options:

Stay: Do not want any more cards.

Hit: Request one or more cards for improving the score. In land based in the United States is common knock on the table to ask. In Europe it is customary to ask the dealer to ask the player in order. In case of a dispute or misunderstanding regarding orders players must talk to the inspector of the game.

Split: Have this possibility when two cards are equal (such as a 5 of hearts and 5 of diamonds). The player then has the option to split the hand into two separate hands by placing an additional bet at baseline.  There are some casinos that allow a hand to be split again.

Double: Doubling the bet is usually only allowed in the first two cards.  The winning bets are paid double. The rules vary according if you can double a certain had wether you ae playing a casino in Europe, the United States or Online. Players should always get informed before placing their bet.

Bets are made by placing chips in a circle on the table in front of the player.  Once the dealer start distributing the cards and a bet is made, it cannot be removed or changed.

Blackjack is played today with a wide variety of rules, it would be impossible to break them all, the important thing is that you have knowledge of the most important and common rules.

There are casinos, which have several blackjack tables, where the rules change from table to table. For example, the dealer must sometimes necessarily stay at soft17 points (“soft seventeen”) and other have to continue. A “soft seventeen” is a hand in which one of the cards is an Ace that can be counted as 11.


rules1If the face up card of the dealer is an Ace – you have the option of insuring against a BLACKJACK (Ace plus a 10-value card). Insurance is an additional bet equal to half of your original bet, but it pays in the ratio of 2 to 1. If the dealer does not have blackjack, then you lose the value of the additional bet.


If a player has BLACKJACK – the player is paid at 3:2 ratio of the value of the bet. The bet INSURANCE  is paid in proportion 2 to 1 the value of the bet. The remaining bets are paid at 1 to 1 of your bet.


Terminology Blackjack

BLACKJACK – a score of 21 (Ace and a card with a value of ten – 10, Jack, Queen and King

Hole Letter – A letter from the dealer face down.

Charter Angle – A letter from the dealer down

Burning cards – The letters discarded by the croupier.

Counting Cards – memorization technique of the value of the cards that help to left to reduce the house edge.

Hit – Request one more card.

Basic Strategy – a strategy of blackjack game that reduces the house advantage.

Stay – Do not want any more cards.

Heads Up – Play only with the croupier.

Hard Hand – a score of 12 or more.

Hand Carry – A score of 11 or less – there is no danger of over 21 with the next letter

Natural – a hand that reaches a score of 21 with the first two cards.

Pair – Two cards of the same value.

Pass – not draw more cards.

First base – the player who has been given the first cards.

Push – a bet tied

Bust – the score exceeds 21.

Sabot – the box where the letters are placed only to be given.

Shoe – The box where are placed only to be given.

Stand off – a tie with the dealer.

Stiff hand – a score 12-16

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