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strategy2In blackjack, the house edge is based on the fact that the player has to make decisions regarding their hand before the dealer can do about theirs. This advantage alia to the fact that there is a payment 3 :2 with a natural blackjack and the possibility of splitting pairs in the initial hand.


Percentage of Dealer “Busting” – over 21

Letter exposed Dealer % Of Busting
2 35%
3 37%
4 40%
5 43%
6 42%
7 26%
8 24%
9 23%
10, W, Q, or K 21%
Ace 11%

Notice that the percentage of “busting” (going over 21) the dealer is very high if the upcard is a, 4, 5, or 6, but low enough if  the exposed card is a 7 or a high card, then there a very high probability that he will not hit for another card. In this situation there is a strong incentive for players to ask one more card when your first two cards total less than 17.

Indeed, the strategy of blackjack is an important factor given that this game funded your skill has real effect on your chances of winning. Using computer programs to simulate , it was  created what is today known as basic strategy, which determines the best decision that the player can perform in relation to your hand.

Using the strategy of blackjack, you can actually reduce the house advantage. If council blackjack strategy with memorizing the cards that have been played, you can actually not only reduce the casino advantage, but also beyond it.

In any case, the table below shows in more detail the strategy of blackjack. Based on the value of your two starting hands. It takes some time to memorize, but it is worth studying if you have the intention to play blackjack seriously.






This blackjack strategy chart is optimized for the most popular casino games and present in either land based casinos and online casinos.

Some Examples

In physical casinos, the dealer begins by taking the game to players from your left. Whether in physical casinos and in online casinos, the game begins with the player to insert your initial bet on the bases printed in the betting.

After you are dealt two cards face up to the player and the dealer is dealt two cards (one facing up and one down).

To show some possible decisions you can make according to the game, let’s look at a few hands and see the results that emerged.

Started by:


In this case, the dealer has the value 10 and the player has a sum of 19 – which is extremely close to the maximum value of 21. In this case, it makes sense to make the decision to “stay” or “stop.” If this was your decision, then the end result in this example would be positive, as you can see below:


  1. In the following example, you can see that the player’s hand is equal to 14, while the dealer has the value 9:
  2. strategy5This case does not even make sense to stop only with  the value 14, leaving the option to double (double) or ask. Second, the rules of basic strategy, the best step is to ask one more card. With this decision, the end result turned out to be positive, since a third card just played by the sum 21:



  1. In the fourth example, we show a situation where you can choose the bet INSURANCE. In the figure below you can confirm that in the following figure, the dealer shows an ace in this case you can bet that the dealer SAFE will make a BLACKJACK (Ace plus a 10-value card).
  2. The insurance bet implies a new bet with a value equivalent to half your initial bet – but it pays 2:1. This bet probabilistically is not favorable to the player, unless you’re a card counter
  3. In any case, we will make the insurance bet. Unfortunately turned out to be a beaten bet – once the Dealer did not really do a blackjack.
  4. When the player makes the BLACKJACK (Ace plus a letter with 10 value)  the casino pays 3:2 ratio. You can view a sample BLACKJACK in figure below: strategy7
  5. In the following example that player is presented with the value of 10, while the dealer has the value 6:
  6. strategy8
  7. You have two additional options good: or you can deploy your hand into two separate hands or double your bet by doubling your initial bet and having the right to one more card.
  8. In fact, your best choice in this specific case will double your hand, since the player already has the value 10.
  9. In this particular case, this would have been the best option, as you can see in the figure below:
  10. strategy9
  11. You’ll see that basic strategy is something you should understand better to make the best decisions, but as you can see it does not take a genius to play blackjack well.


“Insurance” – Insurance

Many casinos offer a possibility to do the bet insurance on their blackjack tables. In casinos where the insurance is a possibility, if the dealer’s exposed card is an ace, the dealer will stop the game and ask the players if any of them want to buy an insurance against the possibility of the dealer having a “natural”. The Insurance is a side bet which is made up by placing the chips in a limited area for this purpose at the table, “insurance pays 2 to 1.” Normally, this bet is limited to half of the player’s original bet.

If the dealer has a “natural”, players who bought insurance earn two for every unit that was placed on this side bet. However, as only four (10, Jack, Queen, and King) of 13 denominations give the dealer a ‘natural’, almost all  honest author  on the subject concluded that insurance is a bad bet. Since the casino is paying much less than the actual probability of such an event to occur.


In some casinos, players are given the option to surrender if they do not like their chances after analyzing your first two cards and the face up card of the dealer. If the option to surrender is only offered after the dealer check the hole card to check if it has a natural blackjack, this option is known as “late surrender” (late surrender).


If the option is offered independently of the dealer check their unknow value card, this option is known as “early surrender”. This option of surrender, is more favorable to the player, who can give up half the amount they had originally wagered in favor of the casino,. The player tells the dealer that you want to perform a surrender, immediately collects the player’s cards and the chips corresponding to half of your bet. If this option is available, I recommend that you make surrender only in the situations described below.

Strategy for Surrender

Surrender Your Hand if the Dealer is:

Hard 16 Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10

Hard 15 King, Queen, Jack and 10

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