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deucesIn this video poker game all deuces (2) can be used as “wild”, ie, a 2 can substitute any other card to form a better sequence. In addition to the traditional poker hands, there are some special hands in this video poker game:

  • · Five of a Kind
  • · Deuces Royal Flush  – Royal Straight Flush that uses at least one or more pair of 2s;
  • · Four Deuces
  • · Natural Royal Flush – Royal Straight Flush without using deuces:

Pay Table:


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Return Player

  • With this particular paytable, return (theoretical) to the player when playing perfectly is 97.97%.

deuces3There are numerous websites that feature the game of Deuces Wild video poker with a back up 100.8% when played perfectly. Actually there are several versions of Deuces Wild, but the variation of Deuces Wild with a return of 100.8% exists nowhere credible online site. To our knowledge, only even in physical casinos in Nevada and Mississippi. It’s a great game, a great player if you can find it …

Outside of Nevada, players are more likely to find Illinois Deuces. The video poker machines themselves will not say “Illinois Deuces” but “Deuces Wild”. The game is not limited to Illinois and got his nickname because he became popular in the 1990s in Casino Pa-A-Dice in East Peoria, Illinois. The difference between him and Nevada is in the Deuces Wild pay tables.

To your knowledge, the better the payout table, returning more than 100% in Deuces Wild, with a coin bet, comparing with other popular variants:


Although the differences may seem small, they are far from it. Some players think stright full house and are more common than four of the same suit. This is true with Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild but the Duke letter as “wild” makes a difference … A player is more apt to get four of a kind and more potential combinations.

With 2 pairs and one pair is composed of 2s, you have four of the same suit. If you have three 9s, an 8 and a 2, the duke becomes an 8 to complete a full house, takes the place of a 9 to give four of the same suit.

In Illinois DeucesHowever, if a player has two 8s 9s and two (and once the player receives four less suited than a full house), the best move is to keep the two pairs and try a full house …

Colorado Deuces – returns only 96.8% playing perfectly, and Illinois Deuce 97.97%, which is the variant that you can play on this page.

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