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Joker Wild (Poker) – 25 Hands

The Joker Wild follows the typical rules of draw 5-card poker, with one exception: the joker is added, which is a “wild”, that can complement any hand with the most… more


All American – 10 Hands

The All American game follows the standard rules of poker as to how hands are formed. The game is played with one standard deck of cards where the cards are… more


Jacks or Better

Pay Table Sequences 1 Coin 2s 3s    4    5 Consecutive Sequence 250 500 500 1000 4000 Straight Flush 40 80 120 160 200 4 of a kind 20… more

Pontoon Free

Pontoon is a blackjack game where the dealer’s cards are visible to the player. The game is played with a deck of 6 cards, shuffled before each game round. Cards… more


Double Exposure

This variant of the game of blackjack is distinguished by the fact that the cards are in play with the face value visible to all players. Obviously, this gives the… more


Free Blackjack

In addition to the poker,  blackjack is a casino table game where it has been proven that the house can be beaten for a considerable period of time. The object… more


French Roulette

In online casinos world, it is  increasingly moer blur the differences between French roulette and European roulette. The French roulette stands out in the sense that allows a group of… more


American Roulette

Throughout the 19th century, roulette has gained popularity to a point that the German government banned specifically gambling during the 1860s. This allowed Monte Carlo to become the center of… more

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European Roulette

In this European roulette, you can do any combination of bets, including special betting typical used in the french roulette, restricted only by the limits of the table and bet… more